A free and open platform for creating, validating and sharing BIDS-compliant fNIRS data

Creating BIDS-compliant fNIRS dataset

  • The Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS) is an emerging standard for the organization of neuroimaging data.
  • This platform helps to create, edit, validate and share BIDS-compliant fNIRS dataset.
  • All you need is SNIRF (Shared Near Infrared Spectroscopy Format) file to start creating BIDS-compliant fNIRS dataset.
  • This platform will create most of the metadata files required for BIDS fNIRS and validates dataset to find missing information to make it completely BIDS compliant.
  • This assists you edit metadata files.
  • Share dataset privately with your colleagues to view and edit dataset.
  • Create data quality report for acquired data.

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